Sketching is only appreciated when people have to make their own sketches or draw their first face on paper. Well if you are someone who is just venturing into the field and is finding it difficult to draw a face; read this article further to find the easy steps to draw your first face.

Step 1: Take a clean sheet of paper and draw a circle. The circle has to be perfect and large enough for you to accommodate all the features of the face. After drawing the circle, draw a vertical line in the centre to make sure symmetry is maintained. Before we move on to the next step, draw the jaw line based on the size of the circle.

Step 2: Now use the ruler to separate the vertical line into seven equal parts; you can name them as you wish. To explain it easily we have named the parts as 1, 2, 3, middle, 4, 5, 6. Once you practice more, you don’t need to have a ruler to separate the circle into parts.

Step 3: Once the face is effectively split into seven parts; draw eyes on the middle layer. The eyes need to be compact and aligned horizontally to each other. Make sure to leave the same amount of space from the sides of the head to both the eyes. Another important aspect is to leave just the right amount of space between the eyes to draw the nose.

Step 4: To draw the nose, use two straight lines starting from the inner corner of the eyes. The lines are there to set a boundary to help you. We would like to suggest you look up tutorials on how to draw each individual part separately. This article is just a general outline. Draw the nose with the help of the boundary and circles in between layers 4 and 5. Once the nose is drawn, extend the line upwards to finish of the eyebrows. The eyebrows can be shaded based on preference.

Step 5: Draw a triangle with the tip of the nose touching the tip of the triangle. Use that as a reference to draw the lips at layer 6 with the help of circles.

Step 6:  Move to the area between layers 1 and 2 to draw the hairline. Once the hairline is fixed, it is up to the person who is sketching to determine what type of hair that they want to draw.


Step 7: The final step is crucial as it involves erasing all unwanted lines and boundaries. We suggest that you use a normal eraser to get the hang of things before moving to an electric eraser.